Core Values

Sabreliner's Core Values represent the beliefs we strive to follow in every aspect of our business life. They were developed by employee teams representing all Sabreliner locations and multiple levels in the organization, and they were formally adopted by top management.

Every staff meeting starts with a discussion of one element of these Core Values and their importance to the company's future.

The Core Values are an integral part of the Sabreliner Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. They are the standard against which we measure our behavior with our customers, our suppliers and with each other.




Code of Business Ethics & Conduct

Sabreliner’s employee-generated Core Values are the cornerstone of a comprehensive Code of Business Ethics and Conduct that reflects the company’s culture and its commitment to ethical behavior. The Code formalizes how we at Sabreliner choose to treat each other and to conduct—or not to conduct—business with suppliers, partners, regulators and customers.

Although the Code reflects a variety of U.S. laws and regulations, we believe that conducting business in an ethical manner requires more than compliance. Ethical behavior resides within the people, the reputation, the culture and the will of an organization to consistently strive to do the right thing. Sabreliner is that kind of organization.

Sabreliner’s commitment to the highest levels of business ethics also is evidenced by employees’ ease of access to an ethics hotline and web site where they can report questionable behavior anonymously. Commitment is personified in our designated Ethics Officer, energized by our training program and ongoing guidance, and enforced with penalties for Code violations.

Commitment to this Code of Business Ethics and Conduct also is embodied in the common belief of our team members: “We Are Sabreliner.”