Green Initiative

Green Program Attaining Significant Results – Sabreliner Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sabreliner’s “Green Program” continues to empower all staff members to “think outside the box” to reduce its Carbon Footprint and reliance of natural resources.

The mission directs all associates to think “green” and institute ongoing research, development and implementation of new technologies and processes.

Two continuing programs have provided substantial savings:

  1. A waste water recycling procedure is being utilized for all aircraft, requiring fuselage stripping prior to painting, resulting in a 98% annual reduction of waste water usage in measured outcomes.
  2. A highly effective paint stripping technique utilizing steam has also reduced waste water consumption by 75% per aircraft in specific programs.

Sabreliner has pledged, as part of its Global Initiative, to continue its “Green Program” targeting its Carbon Footprint and use of natural resources by adopting new and principled policies which serve to better safeguard the environment.