CAStLE: Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension

Engineering Tasks and Research Activities for Aging Structures

Contract Award
The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) awarded an Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity contract to Sabreliner. The contract included a one-year basic period of performance, with four 1-year options and resulted from a small business set-aside.

KC-135 Fuselage/Sectional Lot
Flight Deck Structure

Scope of Work
The contract scope of work includes engineering tasks and research activities for aging structures initiated by the USAF and the USAFA CAStLE. In general, the research and engineering activities performed by CAStLE cover a variety of tasks that follow aircraft and other structures through their life cycle from cradle to grave.

CAStLE efforts span a wide range of structure-related topics, including:

  • Basic development and characterization of materials
  • Mechanical testing of structure(s)
  • Material corrosion susceptibility and mitigation
  • Computer modeling and finite element analysis
  • Flight data acquisition
  • Structural teardown and analysis
  • Analysis of damaged, failed and/or aged structure(s)

Contract Activities
The contractor may be required to perform efforts related to the above listed CAStLE activities, as well as:

  • Research activities
  • Engineering activities
  • Structures teardown
  • Nondestructive analysis
  • Design analysis and development testing
  • Full-scale testing
  • Certification and force management development
  • Force management execution
  • Training/procedural support
  • Written reports/briefings
  • Other related efforts

The scope of this effort may cover a variety of structures (from a micro-level up to aircraft, ships, tanks, ground support equipment, bridges, and other varieties of aging structures).

Sabreliner-Horizontal-DeliveryHorizontal - In bound to Sabreliner
Sabreliner-Delivery-On-RouteShipping Fuselage Structure of KC-135 to Sabreliner