Corporate Jet Engines

Sabreliner's role as the OEM for the family of Sabreliner aircraft and C/T-39 high-performance jets led to the development of full inspection, repair and overhaul capabilities for the engines used on those aircraft, including the J60 and JT12. Sabreliner further expanded its engine capabilities at its Perryville, Mo. operation to include additional engine lines that power the corporate aircraft and helicopters often serviced at this location.

Turbine engine test cell
TFE731 engine

Our engine service personnel, like their counterparts who work on airframes, have exceptional training, experience and take pride in our customer's complete satisfaction.

Engine service requires skilled and experienced specialists. When you choose Sabreliner to service your engine and its accessories, your work is performed by the team that has worked on more JT12 power plants than anyone else in the world. But our engine experience doesn't stop there. We are an authorized line service center for the Honeywell TFE731 and the General Electric CF700 as well as the Pratt & Whitney JT12. Our engine specialists also provide:

  • Corrosion/hot section inspections (CF700 and JT12)
  • JT12 Engine compressor enhancement
    Sabreliner compressor enhancements include incorporation of Specification SAO 114-101 for compressor blade rework, providing more efficient compressor blades. In addition to the blade improvement, we have developed tolerances which are maintained during overhaul of JT12/JFTD12 compressors. Tolerances are held much closer than those required by the overhaul manual with emphasis placed on those areas that are found to be most critical. All JT12/JFTD12 compressors that are overhauled by Sabreliner are assembled to these exacting standards.
  • Engineering and technical support
  • CF700 Hush Kit Installation
    Sabreliner is authorized by Noise Reduction Engineering to assemble and install its CF700 hush kits. Applicable to the Sabre 80, the hush kit allows you to comply with Stage 3 noise requirements. Modifications are confined to the fan exit guide vane assembly, and you can keep the assembly even if you exchange engines in the future. Aircraft and engine performance remain the same and the aircraft's appearance is unaffected. The aircraft weight also remains unchanged.
  • Overhaul and repair - JT12
  • Test cell runs - JT12
  • Thrust reverser service (Rohr, Aeronca and Grumman)
  • Troubleshooting

Test Cell Runs

Sabreliner boasts one of the most advanced engine test cells in the industry. Our test cell uses Howell's AEDATS III Automated Engine Data Acquisition Test System to monitor and record JT12 engine performance. The innovative AEDATS III test cell instrumentation and processing system is designed to eliminate the environmental and supportability problems associated with general purpose commercial computer equipment. With its graphic user interface, AEDATS III is able to deliver accurate and consistent engine tests.

AEDATS III includes the following capabilities:

  • Monitors, displays, and records engine and test cell data in real time
  • Scales and converts inputs to engineering units
  • Provides continuous background safety monitoring
  • Alerts the operator when an unsafe condition occurs
  • Prompts the operator through the test sequence
  • Provides accurate and instant real time recording of data
  • Maintains and prints standard and customized reports
  • Performs engine diagnostics based on manufacturer's performance criteria

The AEDATS III System consists of the Signal Conditioning Control Unit (SCCU), CRT display, keyboard, printer, and transducer panel. The heart of the system is the innovative SCCU, which contains the signal conditioning, processing, and memory storage for the system. The unit accepts and processes the input parameters present in the test cell. The system features a PentiumĀ® microprocessor which provides accelerated computing speed for data acquisition, correction, scaling, polynomial expansion in performance analysis, and data input/output.

The system allows us to detect defects and their location with unparalleled speed and precision, which means faster turn-around times and reduced costs for our customers. Outside of the military, Sabreliner has the only commercial facility worldwide that offers this extraordinary system.