Government Services

Sabreliner has a proud heritage of service to governmental agencies worldwide. Working as a direct, prime contractor and as a trusted partner with other prime contractors, we serve the aviation needs of all military branches and other government agencies in the U.S., as well as foreign customers through direct sales and the Foreign Military Sales program.

Rotary Wing Pre-Flight

Highlights of our experience, resources and demonstrated performance pertaining to government programs include:

  • Competence, capacity and qualifications far exceeding those of a typical aviation company of our size. Sabreliner is formally designated as a Small Business for government procurements under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 336411.
  • Stable, low-turnover labor force which is highly trained and uniquely familiar with the different work procedures applicable to both military-design aircraft and government-owned FAA registered and/or type certificated aircraft.
  • Expertise in the economical sustainment of veteran government aircraft, including those threatened by corrosion, fatigue damage, parts shortages and obsolescence.
  • Engineering expertise applicable to repair development, structural and avionics modifications, tool development, design or redesign for new manufacturing, and service life extension programs.
  • Extensive and growing capability for precision manufacturing, subassembly/assembly and qualification of aircraft components.
  • Track record of strategic resource investments in facilities, equipment and training to improve our capabilities and better support our customer.

Building on a tradition of service, we work to ensure that men and women serving their country in the aviation field can rely on the work we do, whether it involves the periodic maintenance required to keep veteran aircraft flying safely, the development of innovative repair and manufacturing solutions to problems of obsolescence and diminishing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sources, the design and performance of creative modifications that extend the capabilities and useful life of aircraft, or manufacturing of new components for replacement use or for current aircraft production.

We serve those who serve.