Government Programs

Sabreliner began government aviation services as a direct provider to the U.S. government and, in performing subsequent programs, has continually expanded our capability to manage and control prime contracts involving increasing responsibility, measured in terms of program value, quantity of aircraft, technical complexity, areas of support and number/size of subcontractors managed.

Sabreliner's dedication to government support is comprehensive and is reflected in our commitment of appropriate resources, including:

  • Program management
  • Engineering
  • Government contracts administration
  • Material and supply logistics support
  • Quality and safety management
  • FAA airframe & power plant and FAA repairman capabilities

With a robust work force and more than 425,000 square feet of aviation maintenance, manufacturing, processing and repair facilities at three locations, Sabreliner can be a vital resource for government agencies worldwide. Sabreliner is an experienced and responsive government aviation services provider with proven performance in:

  • Airframe structural subassemblies and assemblies
  • Flight control surface structural overhaul and repair
  • Airframe modification and repair
  • Depot-level maintenance for government aircraft
  • Avionics installations and modifications
  • Aging aircraft component reverse engineering, repair and manufacturing
  • Aircraft engine and mechanical component overhaul
  • Tool and parts manufacturing

Recent work performed directly for the U.S. military services has included fatique life tracking on the T-39 fleet operated by the U.S. Navy and custom interior design, completions, avionics and other services for the U.S. Army's UH-60/VH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. 

Sabreliner is today widely recognized in the government and government contracting communities as a proven source for a broad spectrum of aviation support services. Our capabilities have been demonstrated to be valuable to all types and sizes of aircraft operated by domestic and foreign armed services and many other governmental agencies.