Rotary Wing Aircraft

Sabreliner brings a depth of experience to the design and manufacture of high-end helicopter interiors, the application of custom aircraft paint schemes and the overhaul and repair of helicopter engine accessories. A comprehensive array of technical, avionics and completion capabilities awaits corporate helicopter operators seeking high-quality workmanship, adherence to deadlines and competitive pricing.

Sabreliner developed an executive entry system for the Blackhawk helicopter as seen below. For more information, click here.

If it's a rotorcraft, Sabreliner technicians can inspect it, repair it, design and install VVIP seating and cabinetry, build replacement components, paint it and send it on its way.

In addition, the company already manufactures more than 150 sheet metal or machined parts for helicopters at its recently expanded St. Mary, Mo. dedicated aerospace manufacturing center. The work there includes building subassemblies, assemblies and other components for two lines of Sikorsky corporate helicopters, the S-92A and the S-76 Spirit.

The St. Mary facility is equipped with the latest in computer numerically controlled equipment, including three-axis mills, lathes and water jet cutters, along with a stretch press capable of compound curved, long-drawn extrusions or frames up to 28 feet long and a 350-ton hydropress with a capacity of up to a 12-feet.

Components manufactured at St. Mary can go directly to the company's two-line 15-tank chemical processing system featuring large-capacity 2,250-gallon tanks that are four feet wide, 14 feet long and seven feet deep.

All items manufactured there benefit from the presence of Zeiss coordinate measuring machines that inspect parts to assure precise compliance to manufacturing specifications. The operation also features dual oven facilities for aluminum heat treating and annealing, as well as twin 12-foot by 16-foot paint booths.