Rotary Wing Aircraft Services

Executive Entry System

Sabreliner technicians have designed, built and installed new clam shell doors for the UH-60 and S-70 fleets. The new doors replace the existing side-hinged doors and also provide steps that automatically fold down for use by passengers to ease their entry and exit from the aircraft.


The skilled and capable Sabreliner technicians, who designed, built and installed custom interiors for a fleet of VH-60 helicopters based in the District of Columbia and used to transport high-level federal officials, are available to domestic and foreign customers seeking comfortable and attractive helicopter interiors. Chief executives and chiefs of state alike will appreciate custom cabinetry featuring marquetry tables and luxury-quality upholstery with individual embroidered logos that are matched by engraved thresholds.

Interior upgrades need not be luxurious, but may simply be functional. Sabreliner's technicians have designed, fabricated and installed custom seat cushions and skirts and floor covers for utilitarian helicopters to improve passenger comfort.

Sabreliner has also manufactured temporary patient seats for use by Air Evac EMS, an organization that operates the world's largest fleet of medically-equipped Bell 206 Longranger helicopters. The seats temporarily attach to the inside of the passenger compartment and may be discarded when they become soiled.


The company's design staff uses state-of-the-art hardware and software to produce custom paint schemes that are implemented by highly-trained paint technicians who have years of experience applying a range of paint to corporate aircraft, from basic to custom designs and lettering.